Grow vegetable, herbs and flowers within arms reach.
Grow vegetable, herbs and flowers within arms reach.
Introducing Indoor Grow Box

Science experts ensures optimized plant growth through all the development stages.

Professional grow light provides the produce with the best luminaire condition.

Air circulation system imitates natural breeze and facilitates the growth of the plants through the entire grow cycle.

In house nutrient solutions are tailored to specific category of plants cultivated.

The dual cultivation method maximize grow variety, no matter old fashion or trendy modern, here is a solution for both!

Nutrient Solution
Natural Breeze
Matrix Soil
How it works
Embrace the Growing Lifestyle

Indoor grow box simulates the most conductive environment for the plant to reach maximum potential. By isolating the impact to plant growth from externalenvironment, our technology offers users fresh produce with absolutely no pollution all year round.

Versatile for Various Plants & Flowers

The dual compatible cultivation method allows the unit to grow vegetable, flowers, leafy green, and herbs anywhere. Cutting off the mileages between food to fork, indoor grow box gives access to the freshest crop on instant timely demand.

Grow Anywhere!

Indoor grow box is designed to create unique grow experience for various indoor applications.

The one touch automated system guarantees to provide pollution free, flavor balanced, optimzed structured plants all year-around.

Indoor Grow Box