Large-Scale Production

Utilizing industrialized production methods to enhance cultivation uniformity, yield, and production efficiency, facilitating standardized production of various crops.


Accelerated Breeding

Plant factories break geographical and seasonal limitations, shorten growth cycles, achieve multi-generational reproduction within a year, and expedite the development of high-quality varieties in the "Breeding 4.0" era.


Scientific Research and Education

Highly integrated with multiple systems, featuring modular design and no need for infrastructure, allowing flexible deployment based on indoor space size for rapid implementation


Digital Agriculture Industrial Park

Serving as a flagship of Agriculture 4.0, plant factories can be applied to comprehensive agricultural parks integrating secondary and tertiary industries. Combined with cultural, tourism, and entertainment sectors, forming multifunctional, multi-industry, and innovative complexes.


Empowering Agro-Tourism

Integrating agricultural activities, natural landscapes, technological showcases, and leisure facilities to realize ecological, economic, and social benefits.