Intelligent Plant Factory

Intelligent Plant Factory

Built on the 4D Bios Smart Cloud Platform, our system combines hardware components like plant growth systems, nutrient circulation systems, HVAC systems, and LED plant lighting. We integrate advanced software technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data analytics. The result? A fully enclosed, fully digital vertical agriculture system capable of year-round continuous production.

Not affected by geographical constraints

Abandoned factories, buildings, containers, islands, deserts, plateaus, polar regions, and other areas can all be developed into smart plant factories.

Not affected by the climate

Achieve year-round continuous planting for 365 days.

Smart Product Line Demonstration

Plant Factory Products

  • Growing Machine

    Growing Machine

  • Containerizes Grow Systems

    Containerizes Grow Systems

  • Ecological Classrooms

    Ecological Classrooms

  • mart Growing Systems

    mart Growing Systems

  • Plant Factories

    Plant Factories

Hardware base layer

Software Layer

  • 4D Open platform

    4D Open platform

  • 4D CUBE MS

    4D CUBE MS

  • 4D BOX

    4D BOX

  • 4D cloud platform

    4D cloud platform

Software enablement layer


  • Product Developer

    If you've purchased products from 4D Bios and have the ability to develop your own software or hardware, you can customize functions and integrate them using the 4D Bios Open Platform API, among other options.

  • Resource Partners

    If you have your own resources, you can collaborate with 4D Bios by leveraging their products and resources to complement and improve each other.

  • Platform Service Providers

    Third-party platforms are able to utilize the 4D Bios Open Platform and its resources to develop relevant applications. Third-party development applications are integrated to tailor specific customer groups.

Ecological construction layer

Plant factory type

Factory Type

Seedling Plant Factory

Plant factory

  1.  Up to 8 layers Up to 8 layers
  2. Cultivation SOPs Cultivation SOPs
  3.  Automation system Automation system
Strawberry Plant Factory

Plant factory

  1.  Year-round production Year-round production
  2. Free from pesticide residues Free from pesticide residues
  3. Precise environmental control Precise environmental control
Leafy Greens Plant Factory

Plant factory

  1. Safe and healthy Safe and healthy
  2. Rapid production Rapid production
  3. Reliable supply Reliable supply
Specialty Plant Factory

Plant factory

  1. Precision planting Precision planting
  2. High efficiency High efficiency
  3. High production High production

Automation Systems

4D Bios harnesses autonomous facilities and intelligent scheduling platforms to automate tasks like sowing, transplanting, shelving, inspecting, and harvesting. This streamlines operations, reducing the need for manual labor. Planters can remotely oversee production in real-time, shaping the vision of unmanned plant factories.

Green energy

Photovoltalc power generatlon, light-temperature coupling energy-saving regulation

The cost of energy is currently the largest source af cost pressure, with energy typically accounting for 30% - 50%of direct production output, $olar, geothermal, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal energy can all be utilized assources of energy supply for smart plant factories, alleviating the pressure of excessive production and operatingCOsts.