Strawberry Plant Factory

We carefully choose high-value strawberry varieties and utilize the smart plant factory system to produce premium, healthy strawberries year-round. These strawberries are visually appealing, delicious, and free from pesticides, ensuring considerable economic benefits.
Customized light spectrum for strawberries, indoor bee pollination, precise environmental control, and drip irrigation.

Customized light spectrum for strawberries

Indoor bee pollination

Precise environmental control

Drip irrigation


Year-round production without seasonal restrictions

Continuous harvesting throughout the year, three-dimensional planting, ultra-high yield, high quality, year-round supply

Healthy, safe and pesticide-free

The growing environment is clean and secure, ensuring that air, water, and nutrients are purified. This achieves zero pesticide use and eliminates the presence of heavy metals, antibiotics, or growth enhancers.

Full-link production and customized planting

Independent seedling cultivation, all planting factors in the plant factory are fully digitally and accurately controlled
Customize strawberries with specific nutritional value according to consumers' physical conditions

Self owned brand

Self owned brand

In 2019, Siwei Ecology independently incubated the healthy fresh fruit brand "Meijishu".
Provide consumers with more pure, safe, nutritious and healthy fruit and vegetable products.

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It can be eaten directly with confidence, following the natural growth rules, without any genetic changes. No expansion, no ripening, no hormones, and zero pesticide residues. It can be truly pure and safe.

  • 0pesticide residues
  • 0hormones
  • 0ripening
  • 0heavy metals

The whole process of seedling cultivation, planting, harvesting, sorting, and packaging is carefully managed, and we breed disease-free, robust, high-quality strawberry seedlings by ourselves, and control the quality from the source.

Seedling inspection

Grow checks

Brix level testing





AiBerry White Strawberry

AiBerry Red Strawberry